News till Now

(sound isnt too good but it is good to see a DMV artist getting attention at sxsw)

Just a quick update since last week.

**As was hinted at as a rumor last week while on the way to the Justice/Wale show, big congratulations to Wale for signing to Interscope. His new mixtape Wale Presents…A Mixtape About Nothing is expected to drop any day now and his debut album is set to release this fall as a joint venture between Mark Ronson’s Allido records and Interscope. Also announced on the elitaste blog is another LRG mixtape with Wale mixed by 9th Wonder, calling it the 10th Wonder. No date for this one but it’ll probably used to keep Wale out there in between this month’s mixtape and his album.

**I’ve had this track for a few weeks as Back in the Go Mode, but it was officially introduced last week as Back in the Go-Go with an added vocals by Pusha T and Tre (of UCB fame). This is the fusion of go-go and hip-hop thats gonna be big. For more of that go-go sound, check out Wale’s older tracks

Back in the Go-Go — Wale feat. Bun B, Pusha T and Tre from UCB (zshare)

**March Madness is set to drop and the DMV has a couple schools(Georgetown, Mason, American) representing in the big dance. Congratulations to those school for gettin there; no comment on how far some of these schools will make it though (cough, american, cough)

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