YSH: Why? Cause it’s Thursday.

ennui, son.

The District Underground had a post a little while back about a young upcoming emcee out of the ATL, B.o.B. You’ve probably heard his club hit Haterz Everywhere, but this kid has more than just one hit in store. Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, who both mixed Kanye’s Graduate mixtape last year, are the DJ’s behind Hi My Name is BoB released under LRG. The kid is only 17 but he is both a lyricist and producer, making lots of the beats so he can rhyme over them himself. He seems to be a pretty versatile emcee and from a beat standpoint isn’t scared to include samples from Amy Winehouse to the Beatles to the Outfield. I guarantee he’s worth the 5 minutes it takes to download his mixtape. It’s not like your bored-ass has anything better to do right now anyways.

A couple tracks off the mixtape and one not:

B.o.B feat. Amy Winehouse — Grip Yo Body (zshare)

B.o.B — Slow (zshare)

B.o.B — Use Your Love (zshare)

B.o.B. feat. Lil’ Boosie — Fuck You (zshare)


Following the slowed-down house beat trend in hip-hop (see: Usher In This Club, Haterz above), Rocko has a track out that follows in the same vein and not too bad. Don’t know much about Rocko himself so I won’t bother to write about him until I read/listen more. I’ll update on him if its worth it. Till then listen to this track from the dude that does himself.

Rocko feat. Lloyd — Hustle Fo (zshare)

One Response to “YSH: Why? Cause it’s Thursday.”
  1. Go Mick Boogie! Him and Terry are some best DJ’s around!


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