Wale Leak — update “The Crazy” — updated again…

the Kramer Boots

I was driving down Constitution yesterday listening to Ronson’s Authentic-Shit Show podcast, (as opposed to saturday night’s authentic shit-show..i feel sick) and all of a sudden I heard this sample of Kramer off of Seinfeld. To my surprise I put two and two together pretty quick and got that a seinfeld reference on Mark Ronson’s East Village Radio show probably meant some Wale was in store(Ronson, if you remember, is set to produce Wale’s debut album and runs Allido Records). I was pumped to hear the Back in the Go-Go track when it leaked a couple weeks back, but I think this track shows a deeper side to Wale without loosing grip of his more easy going tone (see if you can catch the ‘pause’). I had a chance to interview Wale a couple weeks back for an article and he said the song most personal to him so far in his rap career is called the Kramer and its on his new mixtape. Not sure if this is the Kramer or not, but thats what i’m calling it till the whole things comes out and its definitely worth listening to a couple times over to catch some shit you dont hear the first time around.  (After a bit of research for the set list of that episode of the shit show, the song as it turns out is called The Crazy) Ronson interrupts the song every now and then and for a couple seconds on the second verse but its not a big deal. Hope the rest is as good as what we’ve gotten so far.

Wale – the Crazy (z-share) (.wav)

(after careful consideration(and letting someone go) we have decided to join the decade and ensure that all audio tracks posted are in .mp3 format. my bad yo)

Wale – The Crazy (z-share) (.mp3)

4 Responses to “Wale Leak — update “The Crazy” — updated again…”
  1. Cam says:

    The blog is looking real good. Good layout, good content. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Scott says:

    hey man, thanks for the comment on the site. you guys got a good thing going over here too, definitely a nice catch on “the crazy”. I’m just waiting for The Mixtape About Nothing to drop already, seems like its taking forever.

  3. modi says:

    lol wzup cam, wzup scott. let’s get it.

    and yo, i like the wale. i don’t even have this joint. it’s in .wav tho! get this joint in mp3 so people can pick it up and run like a fumble at fed ex field. yzr.

  4. Love the site… keep it up!!

    That leak of The Crazy is really that crazzzzzzzy

    shit is fire

    get at me i got tees for you all

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