The Feast…It’s Ruuned

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Haven’t really kept track but I’m pretty sure this video brings the number of singles Kanye’s made videos for up to somewhere around 27 or 28, but you can’t hate cause this video is pretty dope. This track always seemed like a watered down “I Used to Love H.E.R.” which Ye’ references in the first line (and now with the Common cameo) but rapping has never really been Kanye’s selling point. Watch.

Stussy? Stussy.

Tonight’s the  Official Grand Opening of the DC chapter of Stussy, which just means a Stussy store opened up on Florida Ave.  Mr. Bizzare himself is set to guest DJ and they’re releasing a new Stussy tee specific to the DC area, blaring the “Connect. Politic. Ditto” on the back. It should be a pretty packed spot. Sound the Feasting Horn.

2 Responses to “The Feast…It’s Ruuned”
  1. modi says:

    son, i need a shirt. in a extra large. can ANYBODY cise me with one!? white!? black!? both!?!?!? good grief.

    i see you guys holding down the DMV. welcome to the crew. yzr.

  2. i was trying to close out my rss queue this afternoon and saw this event and was like, oh snap – bizmarkie in dc!. made late to the party. the kid at work with the bapes was like, yeah that was light night, you didnt know?!. last time i saw biz was at the nba all star party at republic gardens. they set up this tent on the whole lot that is now the ellington. it was nuts.

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