Rhymefest says,

tell me i'm lying.

 Tell me Rhymefest doesn’t look like JJ from Good Times…I’ll make it a little easier.

 check the daddies.

JJ or fest, he is one of the realest emcees out. Rhymefest has been around for a minute and pretty well connected around the scene(he co-wrote “Jesus Walks”). I got his “Man in the Mirror” mixtape that came out last year and it was probably one of the years best. Its more of a tribute album to MJ than a mixtape, with some funny ass mixes of old Michael Jackson interviews(MJ rips one and makes fun of Ronson’s accent). It was produced by Mark Ronson and has some work on it by DMV resident’s Wale & Best Kept Secret. Listen.

Rhymefest — Man in the Mirror (zshare)

Rhymefests freshman album “Blue Collar” wasn’t much of a commercial success even though it was critically-acclaimed pretty much across the board(cheap asses). This next album he has lined up though really looks like something big and I’m definitely grabbing mines this summer. I’m too lazy to write more about it so here’s the video. Watch.


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