Pouring versus Forcing

Angry White People at a rally

Pardon the interruption from your regularly scheduled music, but this story was forwarded to me and its all over the internets.

We usually dont dip into the political pool here at SOTL but you really owe it to yourself to know what your governmento is up to. Now i’m not trying to say you should go grow your hair out start writing letters to your congressman(or woman) and start sipping soy-latte’s…but just know.

Anyways, that rat bastard Ashcroft got his ass handed to him when he went to give a speech at Knox college a few days ago. He was asked about water torture and shit went to hell. Jackass decided to say that forcing water isn’t the same as pouring water when it comes to waterboarding. Here’s the video:

Heres the link to her story.

Godamit I hope there were some brown/black people in there, but odds are against many from the 4% blacks or 4% latinos being in there. Do your thing, frustrated white people.


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