Where Exactly Are We?

Where are we?[Sorry homies this is another post that asks for some reading. Theres a track at the end for those that last long enough. Or those that know how to click read more]

As a latino and a minority I’ve had to get used to a certain degree of prejudice, which in itself is a sad indicator, but it’s when something goes beyond that threshold that something goes off and you really start asking yourself, where the fuck are we? How the hell can something like this still be happening today? What the fuck am I supposed to do exactly??

Bad news and buses come in two’s and three’s, I’ve always been told, and the past few days haven’t proved to be any exception to the rule.

What should’ve been one of the biggest stories of the past weekend, aside from the more important stories like Hillary daring Obama to a 22nd debate or the horrors of the polygamist cult (speaking of which, did you catch the new episode of Shot at Love??) and the Jay-Z/Lebron–Souljah Boy/DeShawn feud (ed. note: sigh, really HOV??) , was clearly the verdict in the Sean Bell murder case.

There were so many godamn things wrong with that trial that it deserves more than just its own post, more than a quick freestyle track and more than a call in to a tv show. But as it was, all it really got was blogosphere attention, a couple bars, and a couple call-in’s to 106 & Park. As part of a greater scheme, this would all be good stuff: the calls in to BET & the tracks show some conscious hip-hop artists are still around, and the blog attention shows there are some younger people(younger here used liberally) that actually do give a shit. But there was no greater scheme; that was it. Beyond the issue of the verdict itself, the hardest news to swallow(pause?) is the fact that it didn’t get any. It received less attention than the NFL Draft. I mean, not even that super-bitch Nancy Grace touched on it. There was such a huge shit-storm about those teenage chicks that whooped that other shit-talking 15 year-old’s ass, but nobody touched on this case beyond a little bottom-ticker notice or cramming it in before the hour was up.

Everybody said Barack’s “A More Perfect Union” speech would be a turning point in race relations, a starting point in the difficult conversation necessary to move forward.

Why aren’t more people talking?


My Mom went to the local emergency room to get a shot yesterday for her new job. She goes up to the receptionist who tells her that she needs to fill out a form, which she does, and tells my mom that she will have to pay for the shot, to which she simply says, “I know.” Now, I know my mom has an accent when she speaks english and she might sometimes have a hard time finding the right word, but she isn’t by any stretch too dificult to understand, which is why I don’t understand why this stuck up bitch decides to tell my mother “I-DON’T-UNDERSTAND-YOUR-ENGLISH” and not in that “I-wish-I-could-help-you-let-me-find-a-translator” kind of way.

This is all what from what my mom retold to me a half-hour later while she was in tears because of what happened next.

She decides to overlook the condescension and just pay for the shot, so she puts her check card on the edge of the receptionists side of the counter and it tips over on to her desk. ON TO HER DESK, not in to her lap, not on to the floor, on to her desk. So what does this overly-confident, celibate bitch do? She decides to fling my moms check card in to the waiting room, making my mom go pick it up. Just then the manager walks behind the receptionist, ask if there was anything wrong(“No, no, we’re just figuring out a payment”), and walks away.

As soon as I see my mother break in to tears about how she felt humiliated and discriminated against, I was already half-way back to the emergency room to get a bitch fired. Lucky for her, her shift had just given up and she was already gone, along with her manager, but they’ll be back tomorrow and so will I.

I watched Rev. Wright’s speech two nights ago and liked a lot of what he had to say. I could go the easy way here and link it to the part where he talked about speech and how we shouldn’t judge based on linguistics, but that’d be too easy. In fact, ending with some nice little quote or anecdote from the Wright speech that could tie everything up in to a nice little box would be too easy. Yea, there needs to be changes made in the way people treat each other, and yea there needs to be changes in the way we mistreat each other, especially between the minorities and within the minorites themselves, but Rev. Wright is a preacher and I’m just a blogger. Right now, I’m just trying to get some justice, no matter how small, and right now that means figuring out how to get a bitch fired.


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