’92 again & I’m Too Legit to Quit

Damn it’s been a while since I put a post up. Matter of fact, I think an entire blog has ceased to be and rose from the ashes since my last post (Shout out DCtoBC!). I think every college kid I know has about a .8 blood caffeine content between last week and this week. And its not like the weather has been much help for anything. On one side, it rains for about 5 days straight and is cold as fuck, and then the next day its 80 degree weather. And oh yea, VA had about 6 tornados within about a 48 hour period. Its like every college student pulled a Storm (see: Halle Berry) and through a pissed-off mood pulled down a twister.

Its all almost over now though and the weather is kinda shifting that way too, and these tracks really put me in that party mood. Both tracks feature this kid named Donnis from the ATL.

The first track I first heard on the Benzi X Boogie Motivation Mixtape (I’ll post that in a bit) that was released a couple months back (damn almost half a year already?!) and I thought it was pretty dope. I’m pretty sure this is the track that blew out one of my speakers. Donnis is touring with Benzi, so I guess the mixtape makes sense now, and they just officially released this mastered version.

Donnis — Party Works

The second track is a remix of Santogold’s audio interpretation of a bukkake session “Creator”, now featuring Donnis (that paints a picture.) I swear the first time I heard Creator I felt like it belonged in one of those graphic as shit “Ichii the Killer”-type Japanese movies. I still like the track though, so go ahead and grab those.

Santogold feat. Donnis — Creator Remix

One Response to “’92 again & I’m Too Legit to Quit”
  1. modi says:

    yeaaaaa man! me and donnis were myspace friends lol. and then i tried to get him a gig with rick ross @ love. and then i never heard from him again. but i found him in my girl sara lambo’s facebook pictures, and apparently he’s grinding out there. he always had clothes that were like 20 years ahead of our time. for instance, i got this one shirt by this brand rocksmith. like this winter. he had that joint in ’06.

    the man toured in japan, btw! i feel like he’s fluent! someone needs to find out! donnis, wzup!

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