DMV X NYC {real dudes take the stairs}

I went to see Iron Man this past weekend and shit was dope, so you should definitely go watch that if you haven’t already. There were only a couple things that really got on my nerves: first off, I was waiting to see Tony Starks himself, Ghostface Killah, and had been using it as an excuse to listen to Iron Man non-stop, but was severely disappointed to find out that his scene got cut. Shit, even Sam “Big Kahuna Burger” Jackson’s scene got pushed to after the credits. Second, and more annoying was the nerdiest group of 30-year-old’s I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on and sat directly behind me, yelling out what I can only guess were catch phrases from the comic book, every gd chance they could get. I mean, I’d be getting in to the movie, eating my popcorn and raisinets, and then out of no where I hear this dude yell, “PHOTON CANNON!” in my damn ear. By this point, they’ve probably all watched it around 3x, so feel safe and go watch if you can.

But while my ass was in a movie theatre getting bum-rushed by Star Trek geeks, DMV’ers NandoMcFlyy. & Lyriciss made their way up to NYC to perform at Deadstock’s sneaker event. They sent over some footage and from the sounds of it they put on a dope show. The video up there is of their performance and the other videos are a short-film of their whole trip up there and the of the venue itself, some funny stuff in there. Shout outs to NandoMcFlyy., Lyriciss and that whole Prolific Ent. crew who are making some moves.

Be on the lookout for mixtapes by both this summer. You can be sure we’ll have them up here.

(catch the first three parts after the jump)





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