Find a Shovel and Dig That

I got this track a couple days ago but I haven’t been able to post sooner. It features R&B artist and Lollipop crooner Static/Major, who just recently passed away in February from a botched surgery,  as far as I know is the last track he got to work on. Static/Major provided the hook for Lollipop (that motherf****ing song) and Weezy F returns the favor by getting on this track.

This track has summer jam written all over it with the heavy production and basically the same formula (minus the lame-ass “metaphor” Curtis and 1000 other 8th graders already used) that got Lollipop to that #1 spot. Grab it now before its everywhere.

Static/Major feat. Lil’Wayne — I Got My

2 Responses to “Find a Shovel and Dig That”
  1. Thanks for posting this song. This is another one of those tracks i got in a promo email months ago and was feeling it. played it out at spots early or late when not many people are around to try to push it, but it hasn’t stuck and there’s also waaaaayyyy too many lil wayne joints circulating. the summer hasn’t hit yet though. time will tell.

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    Yea Cam, I heard it a bit back but didn’t get mp3. Most people think a track is wack until it gets steady radio play and then they sing along every chance they get. Keep pushing it tho, people will jump on the bandwagon as soon as 99.5 plays it once. It is a dope beat.

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