They do not know thats how We roll

There are a lot of new emcees coming up these days and some of them have a lot of potential, but you gotta pay respect for the dudes that have been doing this hip-hop thing for a while. Kokayi is a relative vet when it comes to the DC game, even though his debut album came out last year. Get a copy of that, he produced and rhymes all 12 of those tracks. He’s found time to produce, write AND tour, all while holding a regular 9-5 and taking care of his family. That’s real hustle. “Know Us Mayne” is an instant classic, from the beat to the lyrics to the video. Watch it and take in it’s DC glory.

2 Responses to “They do not know thats how We roll”
  1. Kokayi IS a DC hip hop veteran. His band Opus Akoben has been rocking it since the mid 90s. I saw them at the Bayou in 97. Shit was incredible…

    They huge in France, europe Thats why his solo album just dropped.

    I’m in that video somewhere near the end…
    but whats up with the B&W???

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    Good point, relative might have had the wrong connotation to that.

    Its a shame that he doesn’t get the kind of support over there that he does here. His album came out and then he was picked up by the french label who’s basically distributing his cd in stores.

    It’s only really available digitally here. smh.

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