NO F&*$#ING WAY — update

We told you to remember the name. Perhaps the greatest MC of our generation just recently dropped a new mixtape. Eli Porter from the Class of 2005, introduced through an epic rap battle we posted down there, gives us The Elicist (ed. note: I don’t know what that means but it feels right). I don’t usually post mixtapes without listening to them first, but Eli is the best, man. He did it. You can’t argue with that. I’m can’t wait for the Eli mixtape with DJ Khaled. That’ll really be the best.

Side note: I’m gonna guess Weezy’s work on this mixtape is the reason he’s been pushing back his album. Justified.

(via The Exactly via 2dopeboyz)

UPDATE: This shit is too funny.  These extra remixes off Eli from the Class of 2005’s freestyle are worth posting just because of the cover art. “I’m the best/I told you dat/This dude like dat/He runnin from the cat”

(track listing after jump)

01 Imma Have to Give It To Mah Boi (Intro) f. J-Dub
02 The Infamous Iron Mic Freestyle
03 Deed It
04 Best Man
05 Cat On The Grill
06 Funk Mix
07 Soul Mix
08 Dirty Mix
09 Jungle Mix
10 Over 9000 f. Nappa & Vegeta
11 Eli Responds To Controversy (Marv-O, J-Dub & A-14 Diss)
12 Eli Spits Fire (Freestyle)
13 Da Best Mayne (So Hood Remix)
14 See I’m The Best
15 I Keep It For Real f. Lil Wayne
16 Eli Is Possessed (The Elicist)
17 Still The Best (Outro)

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