I know this was a couple days ago, and in the world of the bloggernets thats a whole menstrual cycle, but watching the first five minutes of this show managed to ruin my entire week and punch my TV–don’t worry it’s one of those 14-inch thick, 12-inch screen TV’s. Yeah, I’m talking about the Hottest MC’s in the Game” show, led by the so-called brain-trust. Shiieet, the only brain present was the one they were so willingly giving to some wack ass rappers.

Right from the start they start by giving props to emcee’s that didn’t make it by apologizing to Plies and Flo-rida. PLIES AND FLO-RIDA.




The next item on the agenda? “How many people think Soulja boy should replace Andre 3000?” Come on now, no disrespect to the kid cause he did do his own work to get his stuff out there, but lets be serious, when would it ever make sense to replace 3000 with Mr. Boy? What really set my sangre cliente was the fact that they added 50 to the list based on the fact that he doesn’t go away. MOTHERF&*%ER! Let’s not forget what channel these self-justified bunch of puppets are on. MTV built up Curtis’ popularity and now they give themselves a quick five-knuckle shuffle because of how popular they’ve been able to make him. Come on now.

In the week leading up to the show, there was a lot of talk about who they’d put up at the #1 spot, and people kept throwing out their lists. And MTV delivered as was expected. 1) It’s called the “Hottest MC’s” basically meaning the hottest brand and 2) it’s on MTV. They put up a poll, and people voted like it would make a difference. Shiieet, maybe it did. I voted for Soulja Boy.


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