On The Fence — Updated, but Still

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I still haven’t made up my mind about Kid Cudi. Part of me thinks he might be just part of the hipster fad and building himself off of his one internet “hit” (can we call it a hit yet?) Another part of me thinks that he might just make good sounding music, the type you can just disconnect for a bit and listen to, you know, without all the social strings attached.  I mean, not every song has to be about the alleged exploitation of a culture (wackness imo). Then there’s a third part of me (I’m a complicated person, get off me) thinks that I haven’t heard enough of him music yet to get a good feel -pause.

Cut to the trailer.

The trailer for his mixtape seems a little too serious for a mixtape whose tracklist includes “Maui Wowie” and “Dat New New”, but I guess I’ll have to wait to see what else. The whole trailer reminds me of the first GTA IV trailer, but it might just be me.

Anyways, “A Kid named CUDI” should drop soon. Cudi and Wale performed together at SXSW, so I’m thinking a Wale cameo might be a possibility as well? idk.

Kid Cudi feat. Old Money — Day ‘N Nite Remix

Kid Cudi — Dat New New

Kid Cudi — Love Stoned freestyle


I didn’t feel like making an entire new post seeing as how I just wrote this, but 2 more Cudi tracks leaked out. Better, but I’m still not entirely convinced. Plus, he actually does give Wale a shout out on that Biggest Grinder track, so I guess they’re tight?

Cudi over Ross’ “Boss” & N*E*R*D’s “Spazz”

Kid Cudi — The Biggest Grinder

Kid Cudi — Spazzin

8 Responses to “On The Fence — Updated, but Still”
  1. modi says:

    LOL the first words made me laugh. trailer is “uhhh” tho.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dat old money mix aint a official remix boss, jus a heads up

  3. mrdylanmichael says:

    Yea I know its just one of the million remixes that i liked for that track that kept the original beat. Good lookin out tho.

  4. modi says:

    cudi. you’re my man. but that spaz remix could be so much more vicious. it sounds like it was done in like one take! you coulda crushed that joint. CRUSHED. i hope you re-do it and shit. but i do like the way you chopped up the beat, it works for your version of the joint.

  5. KNOWxONE says:

    Dude is nice, I mean he ain’t the TRUTH but he’s nice wit it. Plus he mad cool and down to earth, when he came to peform out here he mingled with everyone that came to the show. Not to mention he dedicated a whole song to Hawaii.

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Bacteriophage!

  7. h.e.r. says:

    can u call it a hit? lol ask Kanye’s A&R Plain Pat who manages him or A-Trak who signed him off that single “can we call it a hit yet” record..

    “Another part of me thinks that he might just make good sounding music, the type you can just disconnect for a bit and listen to, you know, without all the social strings attached” that should be all you marinate off of..

    If you have yet to grasp cudi’s concept, he is cinimatic.. have u ever been to heaven at night this trailer is killin. Are you not intrigued of whats to come since this trailer?

    Take it or leave it, you’re going back and forth on good music.. I can’t wait for the mixtape to drop and everyone do a 360 on what they thought.

    peace and love

  8. mrdylanmichael says:

    ok good point on plain pat h.e.r. touche. but that’s kinda following the same convoluded logic that leads to crank dat’s. And as much as i like Day N Nite, which is plenty, it still hasn’t translated in to as much of a hit as soulja boy did.

    don’t get me wrong, that’s probably not a bad thing, cause the dude probably wants to build his career off of more than a single track, but since that song, nothing has really caught me like that did.

    Si, you got me, I am intrigued, and as far as trailers for mixtapes go, this is up there. He nailed the cinematic concept, cause I was expecting matt damon to pop out and start yelling “WHO AM I??!!” and round-housing some craniums while Cudi strutted.

    and sometimes just sounding good doesn’t always mean great, and vice versa. I like listening to Nas, but dude can’t pick a great beat to save his life. Inversely, Sinatra might be a reason for the baby boomers but ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ never made anyone feel like rioting.

    I am intrigued, and if the mixtape is as good as i hope it is, it won’t be a 360; it’ll be more like a 10 degree shift to the co-sign.

    (btw can you have one w/o the other?)

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