It’s not the Cosby Show

Refreshing. I dunno, maybe its just the insomnia coupled with the satisfaction of a good night that made this sound the way I heard it, but this “Say it Right” track just sounded straight up good. Out of Providence, Rhode Island (they get state-hood, but DC can’t even get representation??) Theo is getting some major attention. The dude first made a name for himself as a DJ, opening up for Rakim, Chris Brown, Juelz and is now setting his sights on the mic. The Say it Right track, produced by Kris Fame, is a sample off his upcoming “The Birth” due this summer and is something you should hear (and co-signed by DJ Drama). Grab that one and two others (prod. by 9th Wonder & Kid Vicious) before you have to pay for them.

I think I’m gonna sleep an hour, then listen to his mixtape and see if it sounds as good as it sounded at 4 AM. Am I wrong?

Theo — Say it Right

Theo — Something for Me

Theo — T.V. Show

2 Responses to “It’s not the Cosby Show”
  1. theshoelace says:

    thank you for the continued support!
    appreciate it.

  2. autolos says:

    a friend of mine played some of these dudes tracks at a party last semester but the bastard never gave me the mp3s. I’ve been looking for but couldn’t find them. thanks dm.

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