You Should Hear: FMF Tuesday

The full-version of “The Crazy” dropped yesterday and I’d like to think we had something to do with “forcing” the whole thing to come out but who gives a shit cause it’s a dope track and we all get it now. Along with a couple other Wale’s, check out remixes to a couple tracks we gave you earlier and some new.

(via 2DB, or elitaste. idk)

Wale — The Crazy

Wale — The Crazy (Catchdubs remix)

Wale feat. Skyzoo — The Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Kid Cudi feat. Pitbull — Day n Nite remix

Lil’ Wayne feat. Ludacris and Arok — I Got My Remix

Slick Pulla feat. Ty Cobb, Yo Gotti and All-Star — Gettin this Money

One Response to “You Should Hear: FMF Tuesday”
  1. mrdylanmichael says:

    can somebody please tell me exactly what it is that khaled does?? why is he the besss?

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