More to offer than Thongs and Waxes

I’ve been to Brazil just a handful of times (usually on a layover to Bolivia) and damn if it isn’t the hottest place in the world. I mean that humid hot like where you can actually feel the outside of your skin. Anyways, my friend was having some issues the other day and while we were talking she asked me what music she should listen to that help her out of her funk. I tried some upbeat tracks, but she wanted something more soulful and deep and even though this dude is speaking another language, I knew this was what she was trying to get. Anecdote aside, I said fuck it and decided to post some tracks of Seu Jorge‘s that some of you might like. For those of you on top of your movie game, you’ll recognize him from City of God, maybe the most gangster movie ever out of the realest hood ever in Brazil (sidenote: DYK you only gotta make about $20,000 a year to be considered in the top 12% wealthiest in the world?). He was in The Life Aquatic too, which was ok but was weird as balls. I know these might not be some of the type of tracks you all are used to seeing on the site, but dammit, expand your horizons people.

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