One Flew Over

I had another late night last night but not as in I went out and partied but as in a I-sat-in-front-of-my-laptop-and-found-stupid-ass-videos-that-kept-me-awake kind of night. You know when you lose yourself in something and then after a while you step back think that you might be knee-deep in some unnecessary shit? Yea, well somehow I ended up watching Rick Astley more than anyone ever should, re-watched 2 Girls, 1 Cup, and fell into something called which now makes me hate almost everybody I meet online. And lemons. It had nothing to do with lemons. But the most batshit insane person award easily went to a Mr. Gary Busey. I’ve never seen anybody be more coherently incoherent. I’ve got to give him props though, nobody sticks to crazy as he does. One day, when he passes away, it’ll be revealed that his entire life was one long movie and he played the character for all 60+ years.

One Response to “One Flew Over”
  1. KNOWxONE says:

    Yeah, Garey Busey is a strange individual on so many levels, but dude is also funny. Did you peep him on the Entourage episodes? And SMH @ you rewatching 2 Girls 1 Cup.

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