Through the Looking Glass

So Obama “finally” won the Democratic nomination. Now Hillary, after offering Obama the VP slot on her ticket, seems to be asking her supporters to push for an Obama/Clinton ticket instead of Clinton/Obama. I get the feeling that this is probably going to HAVE to be the ticket because of the Democrats dumbass leaders having let the Obama-Clinton debate lasted this long. At this point, you’re either a republican, Obama or Hillary. There was a video of West Virginia primary voters giving examples as to why WV is possibily the most backasswards state in the nation with some of the most thinly-veiled racist ideas. Apparently those feelings aren’t restricted to WV, as the videos above and below show, which were shot at the DNC meeting this past weekend in DC.

After the first go through of the videos, it seems like all those pissed off HRC people were just starting to swim in the pool of modern racism, but reading some of the comments left by people over at Daily Kos, some of the Obama supporters seem spew as much ignorant hate to HRC as much as the HRC supporters do Obama.

If the Democrats lose in November, its their own damn fault.


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