Mr. Jackson??

I’m hoping this isn’t the final version, cause I’m missing Michael Jackson’s part, unless by “featuring Michael Jackson” they meant sampling the drums, which would be the lamest marketing ploy ever. The song isn’t too bad, it’s got Usher and T-Pain, which probably means the radios will be eating it all up in a couple … Continue reading

Scottie B explains history of Bmore Club

On what might be the weirdest public access show ever, Scottie B comes on and gives some background info on the evolution of the Baltimore scene. As weird as this Ed Schrader cat is and as awkwards as he makes it sometimes, Scottie B laughs it off and keeps going. Ends up being not a … Continue reading

Super Mario — because you never really beat it, did you?

My man Chris sent this over. Jeez, first Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter, now Mario. Where’s Contra?

My Childhood Dream

  These are maybe the coolest videos I’ll post this month. I remember imagining about what would happen if one day Liu Kang and Ryu joined forces(I always hated that cocky bastard Ken). It might be a touchy subject, but IMO Mortal Kombat was THE best fighting game. Everybody on the block knew me for … Continue reading