Scottie B explains history of Bmore Club

On what might be the weirdest public access show ever, Scottie B comes on and gives some background info on the evolution of the Baltimore scene. As weird as this Ed Schrader cat is and as awkwards as he makes it sometimes, Scottie B laughs it off and keeps going. Ends up being not a bad interview. After the “Look at that Cat!” segment, he interviews Mad Decent‘s Cullen Stalin who organizes the Tax-Lo parties up there(more on that later). What up BMORE!

2 Responses to “Scottie B explains history of Bmore Club”
  1. truffbtold says:

    man unruly and scottie b never paid us nutthin for our records man check the history they stole from all us me BOO GRIF CLASS they never paid no royalties we still dont get shit from all threm downloads check the facts man scottie is a damn white devil yall following hitler into the fire somebody interview us a bout unruly man THEY WACK and aint BMORE. they aint even put out any music since 97 man the quit the game this is going too far nowe TUT makes all his shit

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    why dont you send some stuff and we’ll air your grievances my man?

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