SOTL x NandoMcFlyy.

I recently had a chance to have a talk with upcoming DMV artist NandoMcFlyy. His next mixtape, “SNES” is set to drop next month. You can get his last one, “TheCarryOut” over in our mixtape section.

StartOfTheLine: How you doing man? What’ve you been up to lately?

NandoMcFlyy.: Working hard to be one of the relevant artists from the DMV.

SOTL: Who would that list include right now?

NM: Well honestly. Wale, X.O., Tabbi, Lyriciss, Kendall Elijah, Mouse, Azizi Gibson, Nova and just my whole Prolific family….OH! Judah, cant forget the big brother. He’s molded me into what I am.

*NandoMcFlyy. feat. Wale — Buzzin’ Freestyle*

SOTL: I remember hearing the Judah drop on TheCarryOut, saying something about a FlyerLearning mixtape or something like that. That still in the works?

NM: Me and Judah definitely are working on something. But I don’t wanna say what it is till it’s ready. But just know it’s worth the wait.

SOTL: How do you two know each other?

NM : I’ve been a BIG fan of Ju’s since I was 12 or 13. I used to call him before he met me in person. I was geeked to work with him but my grandmother wouldn’t drive me out to record. Few years later he’s like my mentor and tells me everything that needs to be known and how to conduct business with people from here.

SOTL: So by the time you met Judah you were already writing?

NM: Of course. I’ve been making music since I was 6, around the same time my mother passed. So I’m VERY into music. Remember, I’m not just a hip hop artist. I also make 2 different genres: pop & Rock.

SOTL: I’ll wanna get to the different genres in a sec, but I wanted to talk about your mother, if thats ok, because you mention your mothers passing alot in TheCarryOut.

NM: Yeah, she passed when I was 6 years old. I honestly did not have a normal childhood. Alot of neglect growing up no type of support towards my dream and I’m really not at all close to my family members because of it.

(read the rest of the interview after the jump)

SOTL: Sorry to hear that. What was your childhood like? I’m guessing you spent a lot of time outside the home?

: Well, I spent alot of time to myself in my room, just being creative. I was never a bad child but I always got a lot of attention from school counselors because of my behavior. I was the kid classmates called “crazy” because I didn’t like the less fortunate, or kids called “losers”, to be picked on. I don’t know, that was just me.

SOTL: Crazy isn’t always a bad thing. So when did you start taking yourself seriously as an artist?

NM: Always. I wanted my grams to stop working and taking care of everyones kids. Shit blows me honestly. The biggest reason is to be on my own and prove to everyone I can make it.

SOTL: Yeah, I feel you on that one. So take me back through from when you were going by Brandon Streetz to NandoMcFlyy. What prompted the change?

NM: Me being myself. I got the McFlyy from “Back To The Future”. People wanted me to be something I wasn’t.

SOTL: So was TheCarryOut the reintroduction of Fernando Moore?

: Indeed from every last song on that mixtape. I did it all myself and nobody helped me with a DAMN thing besides big bro & Hofe. So for that I am greatly thankful and loyal. But now of days that word loyal is not too strong….

SOTL: What do you mean?

NM: [laughs] It is what it is. No need to expose anyone but, yeah. People do fucked up things and come sideways afterwards.

SOTL: Ok, I feel you. So what can we expect from SNES?

NM: The mixtape title speaks for itself. I mean, I was in the studio with Judah yesterday and I asked him “Do I come off as cocky or humble?” He just looked at me. I laughed and said I feel like I’m arrogant at times because I have nothing to lose.

SOTL: Its understandable. Sometimes that broggadocio that you hear everywhere in hip-hop gets redundant, but I mean, if you’re not trying to be the best, then what are you shooting for? Theres no more room for mediocrity in hip-hop. Who else do you have on the mixtape, production and featured?

NM: Just A.B. and Judah honestly.

SOTL: Are you planning anything for it’s release?

NM: I might have a lil something with Good Bully. [The mixtape]’s coming in July now

SOTL: Do you associate with any labels?

NM: Prolific Entertainment of course. Shoutsout to City and AbstraKt.

SOTL: That Pay Attention Mixtape was nice. I see you Woodbridge.

NM: Yzr! Shoutsout to the highway!

SOTL: Switching gears for a sec, you grew up in DC?

NM: DC, Maryland & Virginia and I can give you a street name along with people who know me. [laughs]

SOTL: Nah I’m good. I’m not gonna google map your resume.

NM: [laughs] Nah cause ALOT of niggas scream these hoods and be faking. Bad look. I call ’em “Maryland Mikes”

SOTL: Maryland Mikes?

NM: Yzr. Bammas who say they from the city and NEVER lived there, or their cousin lives there and they been there one time. C’mon guys…NOT cool.

SOTL: Agreed. What I’m getting at though, is that growing up in this area there’s a big clique mentality. Like whoever doesn’t dress like you or your crew is automatically wack. You, being in to different types of music, have probably had to deal with your fair share of hating.

NM: Alot. I mean I have haters. I have people who have borrowed my flow. I know what kind of influence I have here. Like these no name guys & their YouTube vids. It’s funny.

SOTL: Who then, aside from Judah, do you look up to?

NM: Wale. Without a doubt.

SOTL: So your top 3 emcees, boundaries and timeframe aside, would include who right now?

NM: Wale, Q-Tip, 50 Cent.

SOTL: You got love for Curtis?

NM: [laughs] He’s smart, joe. Everyone knows that

SOTL: For him to still be relevant this long in the game, he probably has to be, I’ll give you that. Favorite track out by anybody right now?

NM: All mine. [laughs]

SOTL: Anything left you wanna get off your chest?

NM: Honestly….look. These dudes out here rapping are not interesting. Unless you down with my team, fuck ya. If we not cool. Blah! More to it but I’m not getting into it.

SOTL: Any last shout outs?

NM: Um….A.B., Judah, Khary, HOFE, Lyriciss, Z, Mouse, Kendall, Dave E., H-Tips, & The Whole Prolific Fam and you for the interview. GONE!

2 Responses to “SOTL x NandoMcFlyy.”
  1. DopeYemi says:

    I feel ur pain & husle Nando.
    You gon make it.

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