Top 6 Caliente

Of course I could’ve listened to her when she said “You shouldn’t press the ignite button that many times.” but then again there wasn’t enough time between that and the portal to hell opening up on my grill. I’d like to blame her for covering up nearly the entire grill with aluminum foil and not letting any oxygen get to the gas, but then it might’ve also been my fault for turning the gas tank one too many times. Either way, the ball of fire came at me like Marquardt coming at Leites late in the third. Along with my singed eye-lashes and front of my hair, all the arm hairs on my right arm from wrist to shoulder were cut down. More importantly, the anticucho‘s were still delicious to the five taste buds left in my mouth(ed. note: also bolivian. fuck wikipedia.) Considering how thissummer seems like it’s gonna be one of the hottest summers ever (it’s not summer yet right?), here’s my top 6 songs having to do with fire, for now.

In no particular order:

M.I.A — Fire Fire

Lupe Fiasco —  Streets on Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire —  Disco Inferno

Lil’ Wayne — Fireman

Public Enemy — Burn Hollywood Burn

Neptunes feat. Busta Rhymes — Ass on Fire


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