Dope interview by the homie Ges over at KNOWxONE‘s spot with Marky. Marky on the VA: K: I’ve lived in Virginia for a good amount of time, and it’s pretty strange out there. There are some areas of Virginia where dudes consider themselves “Southern” and other areas where they consider themselves “East Coast.” Any thoughts … Continue reading

I Don’t Think You Understand…

Despite whatever anyone might say about Lil’ Wayne, the dude has created a buzz about him in the past year and a half that not many rappers have been able to get going their entire careers. I’m not his biggest fan either, but I can’t ignore the amount of times “Lollipop” was played in clubs, … Continue reading

Keepin it Packed like Mexicans in an Acura

Pic blatantly lifted off of elitaste. What does it have to do with the track? Nothing really. But they put a watermark on it, so they’re probably hoping somebody puts it up. You’re welcome, Dan. Wale — I Really Love Your Girl freestyle