I Don’t Think You Understand…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Despite whatever anyone might say about Lil’ Wayne, the dude has created a buzz about him in the past year and a half that not many rappers have been able to get going their entire careers. I’m not his biggest fan either, but I can’t ignore the amount of times “Lollipop” was played in clubs, cars, ipods, ringtones, birthday parties, sweet sixteens, Real World episodes and Food Courts. But even factoring in all the stans and parents buying their kids the new Little Wayne CD they heard about in the paper, he’s still part of the sink hole that is record-sales and more specifically hip-hop sales. That’s why I don’t think the people in that XXL video understand exactly what five million in the first week means. “Graduation” sold 957,000 in it’s first week and that’s with the help of some great reviews from all over, which Tha Carter III isn’t exactly getting. (It’s okaaay.) Some of these people are throwing out reasonable numbers, say in the 700,800 thousand range. But the rest of them are just talking butt-holes, saying shit like 70,000 or 5 million. My guess: 889,000.
Go buy “Seeing Sounds” instead. The more I hear this CD, the more I like it.

Tha Carter III Bonus Tracks

Lil’ Wayne — Action

Lil’ Wayne — Prostitute

Lil’ Wayne — Whip It

(all courtesy 2dopeboyz)


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