How Many Versions Are There?

As studio time across the country has been eaten up by “A Milli” freestyles/remixes/verses, I’ve been trying to hold off on posting any of them. Not to say all of them are shitty (the Lil’ Mama one was surprisingly nice), but I liked the Soul Drop remix of Lil’ Wayne’s original since that one dropped. Well, as hard as I tried to avoid it, when I saw that nearly all the versions were already compiled on Yeezy’s message board, my laziness wouldn’t let me pass up an easy post as this one. So if you want to check out Charles Hamilton, Lil’ Mama, Jadakiss, Papoose, Lil’ Wayne avec Cory Gunz, Gilly Da Kid, Reed Dollaz, MIMS, Uncle Murda, Rock City, IceBerg, or a number of other dudes find a million ways of saying “Goblin”:

Some of the Many

Lil’ Wayne — A Millie (Soul Drop remix)

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