Metro Rap Radio Numero Tray

DJ Torkaveli from over in PG sent this our way a few days ago, but I didn’t want to post it until I actually listened through it. There aren’t many original beats on the mixtape, but it’s full of young cats trying their hand at dropping some bars, and it’s not that bad when you take it for what it is, a collabo between mostly local dudes. IMO, we need people dropping tapes like this, pushing young dudes to try and be more creative than the next. Vol. 4: Keep Hustling DMV. Get at me bout the album art tho homie!

Metro Rap Radio Vol. 3 — Hosted by DJ Torkaveli

3 Responses to “Metro Rap Radio Numero Tray”
  1. lyriciss202 says:

    who’s that handsome young brother with the Anti-W.A.R. shirt on? oh wait…that’s me!

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  2. mrdylanmichael says:


  3. Lyriciss says:

    i OWN the right side of the cover.

    Peace & Hip-Hop

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