The Skinny Man

Southeast Slim, for those of you not on top of your DMV-know, is another dude hailing out of the…uh..southeast part of DC. Him and Wale done a lot shows and tracks together; I remember seeing him come out at the DC Stand Up show earlier this year, when he came out with his fist up like he was Tommie Smith at the Olympics. Damn that show was packed.

Back to Slim, I didn’t want to post tracks before cause he was selling his “That Dope” mixtape, but he posted it up for download, so now my conscious is clean[er].

Southeast Slim feat. Wale — The Bomb

Southeast Slim — Cherry On Top

That Dope Mixtape

It actually is pretty dope.

5 Responses to “The Skinny Man”
  1. KNOWxONE says:

    Good looking with this one.

  2. ebz says:

    what’s with the uhhhh lol

    Southside in THE MOTHAF-CKIN’ HOUSE woot. lol I’m up on him.

    Must check out the mixtape owwww.

  3. mrdylanmichael says:

    lmao nah the uhhh was cause it sounds like i was runnin in to redundancy when i was saying s.e. slim is from the s.e.

    the mixtape is aptly titled tho.

  4. ebz says:

    lol oh ok. I d’led it but yet to listen.

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