KB on IllRoots

Check out Kenny Burn’s interview over on illroots. It says quite a bit and gives some history on to the “beef” between Wale and Marky.

KB: Absolutely, I just think for the DMV it needed this, because it exposes things that are happening and getting the acknowledgement of the rest of the world and at the end of the day we want the best possible representation on the planet. Even when it comes to me for dudes management to be disrespecting me to people that I know that is going to come back to me in the industry and tell me per batum[sic]

I’ve told Wale this, I’ve told Marky this, and now I’m telling you: “This is bigger than all of this, Marky, Wale, Studio 43, its about the city. When they go forth, we go forth.” People need to understand that the energy that is coming from “This is for the Money” is a bunch of build up. No its no beef or some “If I see you in the street I’m going to fuck you up” its some “Ni**a that is some hoe ass shit”. So rather you did it through somebody or directly it was done by you, and you need to take ownership of that. All you have out here is respect and like I said this fan and base shit, thats some real shit. If you have a core of you that motherfuckers admire, and motherfuckers want to be like, you will always be relative.

I’d like to see an interview with Weisman and see how he explains that they didn’t do anything either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything against KB or Weisman at this point, it’s just that, come on: Who ever actually accepts blame in a feud? They’ve got their issues, but these are some grown-ass dudes; they can handle their business. At the end of the day, this is about the music. So before everybody starts picking sides, know we here are gonna keep bumping that Kramer & Sheila.

update: also check out Goadome Talks’ interview with Marky. Touches on the feud a bit and some on the music.

5 Responses to “KB on IllRoots”
  1. thewhitemandidit says:

    Weissman is the one who called us ni**as in the other post.

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    how do you know?

  3. KNOWxONE says:

    Yezzur, this was a good read from KB. Now I kind of get the whole story – and to reiterate what Marky said while I was on the jack with him “Ain’t no real street beef between me & Wale.” NY Hip-Hop needs to take a page / note out of this DMV Hip-Hop book. What up Dylan sir?

  4. ebz says:

    No D.C. does not need this. The buzz is just really getting started and it can be done n more positive ways that some ol’ bullcrap make little disses or any other backhanded stuff..that some ol’ BS. *woosahs*

  5. Weissman wouldn’t comment on this blog, he is the busiest man I’ve ever met.

    This whole beef was my fault, i took marky off of the keys to the city because i was trying to keep the integrity of my program. Kenny burns and marky took this the wrong way and blamed dan and wale. but they had nothing to do with this. i did. so get angry at me. i was only trying to promote dc hip hop. and i fucked up i guess.

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