While the DMV hip-hop scene is slowly coming up all while arguing with each other, the DMV club scene is getting some crucial respect slowly but surely by way of some of the best up and coming DJ’s. Tittsworth, now on tour with fellow DMV’er Dave Nada, has a new album coming out in a couple weeks and he just released some snippets. I like most of the tracks he’s put out, he samples a lot of hip-hop and seems like a down to earth dude. Check out the snipets (featuring Kid Sister, Pase Rock, The Federation, Nina Sky & Pitbull), remixes to his “Broke Ass N***as” track, and some of his other remixes. For those with some extra time, check out the Homecoming remix on his space.

Tittsworth Snippets

M.O.P. — Ante Up (Tittsworth Remix)

Tittsworth — Broke Ass N***as (The Glass remix)

The Ramones — Blitzkrieg Bop (Tittsworth remix)

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