New Walle

New vid for Wall-E. I don’t care what you think, I’m gonna see AND like it. It’s the future, man.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hmm..whats that?? Oh, it was a new Wale track that just came out? Oh. Ok. My bad.

Still want to see that robot though.

Wale — Hey…Mr. Carter


5 Responses to “New Walle”
  1. vamp says:

    What is this? I mean what is it seriously?

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    what has you confused?

  3. autolos says:

    wall-e = rebel robot
    wale = dope emcee

    its biting short circuit like no other, but since toy story, pixar has stolen my heart.

  4. D. Omen says:

    how did I KNOW this was gonna happen? I was actually thinkin bout this when I saw the metrobus ride by with the advertisement on it.

  5. GOADOME TALK says:

    I seen that same metro bus Omen lol, and knew it was going happen. To easy of a promotion…

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