My Dream is My Distraction

Two tracks sent over by the homie NandoMcFlyy. These two couldn’t be any more different from each other. The first is definitely a slower jam thats showing some insight in to the life of McFlyy. and the second is a track that should’ve been dubbed over the end credits in No Country for Old Men. The … Continue reading

Like Gatorade

Freestyle from PG resident-Dunce ‘D. Omen‘ over Yeezy’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” beat. August 31, 1988, God sent another virtuoso to earth. Born in New Jerusalem, Damien “D. Omen” lived a nomadic life with his single parent mother, relocating from different areas of New York and New Jersey, eventually landing in the MD/DC metropolitan area, … Continue reading

Embrace the Martian

New track from Mr. Dontgivetwoshitswhatyouthink. Kid Cudi is definitely keeping true to his own sound, which seems like pretty much whatever he feels like. Whether you like him or not you gotta give him props for doing his own thing. This track is dangerously close to knocking me over on to a side of the … Continue reading