My Dream is My Distraction

NandoMcFlyy. X SOTL

Two tracks sent over by the homie NandoMcFlyy. These two couldn’t be any more different from each other. The first is definitely a slower jam thats showing some insight in to the life of McFlyy. and the second is a track that should’ve been dubbed over the end credits in No Country for Old Men. The mixtape is officially slated to drop July 8th, and you know we’ll have it for you extra bright and early.

NandoMcFlyy. — On My Way Home

NandoMcFlyy. feat. Mouse — KidzWithGunz Remix

2 Responses to “My Dream is My Distraction”
  1. D. Omen says:

    good shit son

    turn the vocals up on the my way home joint

  2. GOADOME TALK says:

    My man Mouse, what can I say…I dont know Nando, but he sick too.

    The Kids with Guns joint remind me of Lupe before food and liquor…

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