Sorry for the lack of posting today; I’ve been on hold with Verizon for about 5 hours now trying to figure out why these bastards don’t feel like coming out and installing all the stuff they were supposed to have come out and installed last Wednesday. I’ve been getting on hold for so long I’m starting to go crazy. I think I heard a elevator music version of “In Da Club” a couple of Verizon clowns ago. Damn.

We just got our invitation to try out this new dropbox system today. It should make sending us tracks a lot easier. I’ll put up a link in the sidebar as well, but basically it just lets you upload tracks straight to us. You can still e.mail it to via either gmail account as well though. There’s been a lot of good music coming in lately, so we’ll see if this makes it any easier to get it out.


(Can’t get the flash button to embed so just hit the soundcloud pic)


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