Get Right Radio Summer 08

There are a couple people that say that bloggers are the new mixtape DJ’s. Except for when blogs just straight swagger jack (see: and — somebody loses) it’s got a shred of truth, and as much as I’d love to stroke my own ego and say “DAMN STRAIGHT”, I can’t, cause I don’t … Continue reading

Ra Ra Ra

I got this track in my inbox from a couple people a few days ago but I was a kind of busy and wasn’t able to update the blog. Judah sent it over today though, along with the official notice that Ra the MC is the first artist signed to his Strange Music Label. Judah … Continue reading

My Name is Theo.

Theo sent over this full version of the track he sent a snippet of a couple weeks back. Theo’s, now Rhode Island’s most profitable natural resource (Guidos take second by sheer numbers), goes in on this track. His mixtape officially drops August 8th. Theo — Sweetest Language