Ra Ra Ra

ra the mc

I got this track in my inbox from a couple people a few days ago but I was a kind of busy and wasn’t able to update the blog. Judah sent it over today though, along with the official notice that Ra the MC is the first artist signed to his Strange Music Label. Judah definitely holds it down hard for the DMV. Ra had a nice track on the Illmatic remix ILR put out too, which you should already have if you’re into your DMV music. I’m just saying.

K.i.D. Cudi feat. RAtheMC — A Remix

I feel like Ra sounds just a bit like Rye Rye (which is fine cause she’s killing it too). I need a track with both of them on it. Somebody introduce those two. “Rye Rye, Ra. Ra, Rye Rye”

One Response to “Ra Ra Ra”
  1. modi says:

    son your drop box joint and your graphics are ill.

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