You ‘member??

Alright so try to stay with me on this one, cause it can get confusing. The video up there is for XV‘s “1997” track, which goes over a loop of the Smashing Pumpkins “1979“, which was released in 1996, and is shot over clips of the classic summer flick “The Sandlot” which was released in 1993 but takes place in 1962.

But it works for the track. Chill&Nostalgic. Its hard sometimes for rappers to get over themselves enough to sample tracks outside of hip-hop, and even harder to do it well, but XV got it on this one. DL his latest mixtape ‘The Square in the Circle’ after the jump.


1. Intro (produced by Seven)

2. Everything Is Cool (produced by Seven)

3. Party Lights

4. 1997

5. Would U Dance With Me

6. U Got It ft. Lil’ Wayne (produced by Seven)

7. Controller

8. Supercalivagilickinxvhasthatdopeshit

9. Catching Z’s

10. Loser Mind

11. Please Forget Me (produced by Seven)

12. Life On Mars

13. Lean 45″ (produced by Seven)

14. Whatever

15. 3×5’s & Postcards

16. Battle For Squaria (produced by Seven)

17. Well, Come To Earth

18. Farewell (produced by Seven)

19. Space

20. Plastic Stars

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