Rap Ain’t Dead…It’s a New Day

I really meant to post this earlier because I’ve played it over and over and I meant it to go up with a graphic I was messin around with (now with video shamelessly jacked from DCtoBC) but it’s to illy to wait any longer. I remember one of the first tracks, and still one of my favorites, were the A.D.D. tracks off ‘Paint a Picture’ and ‘Hate is the New Love’. Wale just spit over and over a bunch of beats mixed together and switched his flow up.

Enter Ra.

She’s and emcee. And she goes in.

Ra the MC — What Else

Grab that little piece of DMV goodness. Mixed by Inner Loop’s Overok. What UP?

Remember what I said about all the ladies coming in to the game being dope as hell? Add her to that list.



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