Vote DMV Artists

I got a letter about registering to vote, which everybody on here over 18 should be doing this November. In the meantime, practice your voting skills by supporting a DMV artist nominated for a UMA award. Voting closes the 31st, so get to clicking.

Vote Here


My man over at GoadomeTalk put me on about the VMA Best Male Video voting going on.  Raheem DeVaughn, J.Holiday AND Tabi Bonney are all nominated. It’s a pretty big field, but it’s still good to see DMV artists getting some mainstream shine. Head over and spread your seed of democracy HERE.

Hit the jump to see all the DMV nominated videos.

Tabi Bonney — Beat Rock

Tabi Bonney — Cool & Fly

J.Holiday — Suffocate

J.Holiday — Bed

Raheem DeVaughn — CustomerVodpod videos no longer available.

Raheem DeVaughn — Woman

2 Responses to “Vote DMV Artists”
  1. Lyriciss says:

    already did it, champ. gotta support the DMV. i’ll be in the building this year also, even though i ain’t nominated for nothin lol

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    rep it hard. we need to get some numbers up in NYC and be heard.

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