The Inbox [updated]



Somebody please cise me that shirt. In fact, I haven’t gotten a new tee in a while, so I need somebody to up my game.

Checkin in on the SoundCloud drop box (on the sidebar) which is the preferred way of getting your tracks to us and here are some of the ones dropped off. Props to everyone.

J-Rich — VA All Day | direct link

Nice first listen from VA rapper J-Rich. VA what up!

Santogold & Diplo — Guns of Brooklyn | direct link

I like the broken sound of this Santo reggae track. Santi is hard to understand sometimes, but it doesn’t take away much.

Santogold — Starstruck (Diplo Remix) | direct link

On another planet with this one. This track and the above are unreleased from Santogold & Diplo’s ‘Top Ranking’ mixtape. Last time Diplo went in with a female on a track, we all got the baby that was ‘Paper Planes’. These aren’t on that same level, but Santogold is certified. Doubt me.

M.I.A. vs Wu-Tang — P.R.E.A.M. (Mash-up)

It’s a simple mash-up, but college kids go crazy over these. Forreal. I put on a Superman-Cry me a River mash-up at a party once and everybody ended up getting laid. It’s M.I.A. and the Wu, so it can’t go too wrong.

Santogold — L.E.S. Artistes (Grahmzilla Remix) | direct link

The XXXchange remix is still my favorite, but this isn’t too bad.

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