Lyriciss [Freestyle]

If you’re up in NYC this weekend, you can catch the homie Lyriciss and a couple other DMV reppers perform at the Grungecake Crisis mag House Party. Before heading up to DC he shot this freestyle over that he spat while under the spell of a certain russian.

Lyriciss: I’m not an alcoholic…but liquor is good, like me and vodka got a love thing goin on.

SOTL: Russians are sexy man, I can’t blame you.

Lyriciss: Yeah, it gets ya mind workin. Drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

Especially this Russian. And this one. Yeah.

Lyriciss — I Rock [freestyle…kinda] | zshare

5 Responses to “Lyriciss [Freestyle]”
  1. D. Omen says:


    hey those are our names. awesome.

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    lmao you seem surprised?

  3. D. Omen says:

    I ain’t know you had blogged this.

    I got footage of the performances plus some other goodies for you tho. [no homo]

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