Ultrabar Thursday

Like usual, DI is holding it down at Ultrabar tonight. There’s a dirty Frenchman spinning, Sebastien Leger (accents? get the hell out). Forreal tho, it should be a good way to kill some time if you don’t have anything to do tonight. They’ll be spinning all genres. For more info, hit the saut.

What You Need To Do:

1. E-mail 4playlist@districtignition.com with your name and the names of any friends NO LATER THAN 8PM ON THURSDAY. This list is separate from Snatch or GLOW so you must email us when you would like to come out.

2.  Include FIRST AND LAST NAMES PLEASE! We will accept “plusses” but they must show up with you at the door, otherwise, they’ll have to stand in the long line & pay full price.

3. Arrive Early and talk to whoever has the clipboard – advise them you are on the District Ignition guest list. The line is located on the EAST side of the entrance (to the right if you’re facing the club) and is the one that is closest to the street (not the one against the wall that is MUCH, MUCH longer).

As ever, DI appreciates your support and patronage.

911 F Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

18+ // Casual Dress Code (no timberlands, no gangsta wear, no hats, no shorts, no flip flops, no white sneakers but jeans and tee-shirts are OKAY)


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