Most of you should already be up on your Dizzee Rascal game, cause grime is gonna blow up. Those Brits have been eyeing hip-hop ever since MC Hammer, just waiting for a chance to jump in. Shit, half the people that stream across the blogs and leave comments are British. All you gotta say is something about British soccer (Arsenal is waaaay better than Manchester United) and all of a sudden their accents come out in the way they type. “Oi you fukin wankers!” or something like that. I don’t speak English. Coming back though, I got put on to this Grime spitter named JME. Dude is straight attitude in his flow without acting like he’s all hard. Ecoute.

JME — Serious (Remix) | direct link

JME — Fuck This Shit | direct link

JME — AWOH | direct link

3 Responses to “Grimey”
  1. modi says:

    you must don’t KNOW about me. u dan no! all i fuck with is skepta and JME.

    WOW. great work on these joints son. fucking great work. i’m bout to throw up some westwod freestyles that’ll blow your mind away.

  2. “grime is gonna blow up”

    they been saying that for the better part of this decade…

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