Lemon Iced Tea Please

I guess duke really really likes AriZona. FYI Arizona is based in New York and really has no connection to Arizona at all. Huh? LMAO at them playing the Juno soundtrack though. I liked Juno’s best friend better.

Props to dude to say he digs that Katy Perry joint thats all over. For those of you struggling to get a more boy version of the lesbian ode, heres a remix Mims jumped on. After the jump, peep some rough footage of D. Omen performing at the Grungecake Crisis mag party in NYC this past weekend. DMV was repping hard there. Shouts to D. Omen.

D. Omen — On The Grind

Katy Perry feat. Mims — I Kissed a Girl (remix)

3 Responses to “Lemon Iced Tea Please”
  1. D. Omen says:


    episode 2 trailer is up!

  2. The Dude says:

    “JUNO Deluxe 2-CD Soundtrack.
    Includes #1 Soundtrack PLUS the JUNO B-Sides!

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