The 703 is where I call home (GMU what up) and so I always open up e-mails with 703 in the subject line, the reason why I’ve opened up so many e-mails from Nigerians asking me to deposit a grand in their off-shore bank accounts so they can get some medical treatment for their lime-disease infested goats. Spammers are the Rick Ross of the internets.

This e-mail caught my eye for a couple reasons though. First was the 703 tag. Then it seemed like these dudes were sponsored by Clockwise Clothing, with their ever-so fresh RUN DMV tee’s.

Hook us up with that White & Gold homie!

Then I noticed that one of those dudes looked familiar. Ugo a.k.a. Factor X b.k.a. third dude from left, still owes me a f*%&#ing interview for the Mason paper. I got in so much shit with my editor for not having gotten that article in.


Sounding off:

The new offical sound representing the DMV : BKS and we represent the 703 DMV, (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Area. They are a group consisting of 4 members. Yung Juice, Buddy B, J-11 and Factor X.

BKS sounds pretty chill. Their tracks are off on the R&B/Hip-Hop tip, leaning more towards the R&B side on a couple. Good hearing some 703 cats gettin up.

Jay Sean feat. BKS — Ride It (Remix) | direct link

BKS — BKS Swag | zshare | megaupload

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