I Feel Sick

I’m finally feel like I’m waking up after a ridiculous weekend, which included but is not limited to:

  1. Literally getting kicked out of my lady friends car
  2. Having to accept an apology from lady friend the next day
  3. Being smacked in the face with paint by my mother
  4. The Best Game of Beer Pong
  5. The Worst Game of Beer Pong
  6. Lots of phone calls with area rappers
  7. Locked out of an apartment in boxers and socks due to #6
  8. 180 minutes of soccer
  9. 10 minutes of throwing up
  10. …and the most unexpected

  11. A 30-16 Redskin win over the Colts

Lyriciss, being the homie that he is, drops this dope track to help ease my way back in to the functioning world. From the e-mail:

This track…it’s a track I made after my last trip to NYC. While staying with family, I watched a DVD with a preacher speaking on “deactivating our Willie Lynch Chips”. Basically saying that as young black Americans, we need to get rid of the instinct in us that makes us seperate and down each other, which was instilled in us back in the slavery days in the Willie Lynch tactics, and sadly, it still remains in us today. So the first verse = a slave speaking on his loyalty to the master; second verse = the light-skin/dark-skin rift between the blacks of today; the third verse = the black woman’s independence and denial of need for the black man. Enjoy the track. Beat from Statik Selektah on “Black Cream”, off of Reks’s Grey Hairs album. Peace & Hip-Hop.

Allow me to put my wikipedia hat on.

The Willie Lynch chip is a reference to an alleged speech/letter from early 1700’s, given somewhere on the James River in Virginia (VA what up! Wait, wait…nvm). Allegedly, the speech was given from one slave-owner William Lynch to his other slave-owner buddies. In it he says he’s found the secret to controlling slaves: pitting one against another. Consider it a kind of old ass version of Morpheus’ speech in Boyz in the Hood:

If you wanna go broader, consider the US’ involvement in every [proxy] war & involvement foreign affairs since the 1950’s.

I’m just saying, PB SUCCESS was a bitch.

Some people try to discredit the shit out of the speech, saying it didn’t actually happen and that it’s just an internet hoax (forreal though, what fuel would you use to ‘refuel’ when you drive a 1712 Horse? Anachronistic like a muh’f*&*a).

*opens book of quotes*

relating to the the difference between politicians and writers, “Politicians use the truth to spread lies. Writers use lies to spread the truth.”

Now that my wikipedia hat is off, here’s the homie Lyriciss go in on his deep side with The Willie Lynch Chip + a short freestyle he dropped over the hopefully nearly done Incredible beat.

Download: Lyriciss — The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hatred)

Download: Lyriciss — Incredible Freestyle

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