I Don’t Have Time to Spare

Wow, bless the dropbox because I just got this gem and it’s going straight to ipod. Milly July explains herself as such:

Maybe when I was younger, I was mad I couldn’t master the art of flying. Or when I see clouds it plays back a melody or it could just be all the choco-pies I ate. With music I don’t think I’m that off. With music I am capable of flying, I think I am flying, I think we all are flying.

It could be that because most emcee’s are of the XY-type, and the general mysogyny of a lot of hip-hop, the female MC’s that do get attention get that attention because they’re pretty dope. Milly is no different. I want to see a Ra-Milly collab, please somebody make that happen. Big props to Duke.

Download: Milly July — Time to Spare || alt.link

3 Responses to “I Don’t Have Time to Spare”
  1. dj scene says:

    yo this bangs. i think Ratatat did the beat. they should get Milly on their next mixtape.

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    i know this track goes hard. I know one mixtape she’ll probably be featured on though.

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  1. […] DMV mixtape, you’ve already got a track with this lady’s stamp on it, and if you would go back and listen to it, you’d see why I’m a big fan of her’s. Milly July might be the most slept on […]

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