Here’s a new mixtape from DC’s Cayan. This mixtape boasts some dope home-grown production, mostly split between P-eZY, Sinitus Tempo & A.B. the Producer. Really feelin the production on this one. Give credit to Cayan too for dropping some nice wordplay on most of the tracks. If some of these tracks were put out as singles, I think they’d stand stronger, but when listening to them one after another, the flow on a lot of them feels too similar. Switch that up homie!

Download: Cayan — District of Caylumbia [mixtape]

Some dope cuts:

Cayan feat. A.B. & Marky — Yesterday [produced by A.B. the Producer Sinitus Tempo]

Cayan — Hip-Hop is Mine [produced by Sinitus Tempo]

Cayan — Let the Beat Breathe [produced by Sinitus Tempo]

3 Responses to “Cayan”
  1. yo pls fix this shit a.b didnt do yesterdays i did i can give u the sample and even the session if u dont believe me ask cayan i been seeing this shit all over da internet.

  2. mrdylanmichael says:

    it was credited that way cause thats how it was sent out, but i’ll fix it though no problem.

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  1. […] post, however, is solid track from DMG artist Cayan over the Go Hard instrumental. I still stand by my earlier statements, but dude has got some potential, as does the entire DMG crew. Fernando, Robert what […]

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