Dope cut. Lupe, Wale & Kardinal all go in over a remix cut of Pete Rocks & CL Smooth’s classic beat.

Been slacking on the blogging lately, but don’t worry its not for nothing though. Good track to get back on though.

Download: Lupe Fiasco, Wale & Kardinall Offishal — Dope Boys remix


3 Responses to “LUPExWALExOFFISHAL”
  1. modi says:

    good god. i’m not feeling this nearly as much as i could.

    i love the rappers. all of them. i been on kardinall for a minute! back when he was on tracks with glen lewis (google him, he was running canadian R&B for a while), and they spit hard.

    but i thought it was the other, new game dope boyz track! goodness. i was so disappointed. everybody rips their verse though. but they hyped me. damn.

  2. D. Omen says:

    LOL @ modi’s disappointment.

    this was joint was straight.

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