America Still Wins

Seeing as how I don’t sleep anymore, I’ve come to adore the fact that the Olympics are in China this year and when it’s 2 AM here, its lunch time over there. Last night I was all decked out in red, white, and blue after watching Phelps win 2 Golds, in one of which the relay team deebo’d the rest of the world. Transfering my expectations over to gymnastics, the US ladies were going up against a group of Chinese pygmies, or at least some girls that looked like they were too young to cross the street, let alone compete. Then this happened (to my favorite one too):

[fast-forward to 2:20]

Damn. I felt bad for her, especially when one of the first things the NBC reporter asks her is “So Alicia, you really let everyone down huh?”. But it’s all good, cause our US gymnasts ain’t nothing to f&*k with. Video evidence:

Yes, that’s the very same Alicia Sacramone knocking some dude in his dome piece. Bet she wishes she could’ve done the same to that reporter.

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